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   2023 ZNTIR Events Calendar updated on Apr 2023
January 29th

General Meeting, 1st Seminar and Testing (Machida))

February TBD Seminar and Testing (NY, FL)
March ---
April 11-17th  US Branch Seminar and Testing
29th Yasukuni Demostration
May 19-20th 2nd Seminar and Testing (Machida)
21th 46th ZNTIR All Japan Taikai
28th Hachioji Yabusame
June TBD
Okunitama Demostrati
July ---
August TBD Peking Seminar and Testing
September 18th
3rd Seminar, Testing, and Gekken Seminar(Machida)
October TBD Akagi Demostration.(date undecided)
Machida Jidai Festival. (date undecided)
November 26th
Directors and Secretaries Meeting (Machida)
Hong Kong Taikai
December ---
Jan 28, 2024
General Meeting, 1st Seminar, Testing (Machida) .